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Come through these portals to see Marcelina Martin’s digital services: video production, documentaries and specialized photography. Her websites are dynamic and elegant. Her videos take the viewer on a journey of discovery and inspiration. These videos are used in education, fundraising, and documentaries as well as commerce. Well articulated projects improve sales and can bump up donations on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. They convert viewers to customers, and brand narrative into ready-to-use message in several social media formats.


My photography developed along several paths: recording activist history, exploring the profound connections between the inner and outer landscapes, and using art as a tool of spiritual practice for psychic and psychological transformation. The way we perceive reality is influenced by a complex range of imagery. Heroes and myths are intricately woven into our psyches. Our ideas of individual identity, social place, and interrelatedness coalesce from this matrix of images. Some of the Shadow material of this visual information are submerged in the unconscious, perhaps

leaving many of us adrift, unaware that we are in its undertow. Images we hold are the foundation for the content and action of our lives. Through inquiry into our inner imagery, we can expose outdated myths, produce life-affirming images, and cultivate a dynamic vision of wholeness. In consciously creating our imagery and mythologies, we affect our political, economic, and social attitudes which inspire change first in our inner world then eventually our outer world.

I also shoot commercial photography.

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Digital Design

Web Design

Website interactivity increases likelihood of converting viewers to customers while increasing web traffic. Responsive, mobile-ready design ensures that your visitors get the best experience possible through optimal layout based on screen size.

a la carte!

Theme-based Designs for Digital Success: Cutting edge inforographics that include animation transitions, interactive narratives, sliding and rolling events.

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Video Story Production for online marketing; for instruction and training (webinar and webisodes); and for crowdfunding (kickstarter, indiegogo). A one minute video is worth 1.8 million words! (Forrester Research). Video campaigns work!

Documentary Films

As a filmmaker my films focus on subjects which are healing to the individual, the community and the planet. My creative vision is to transport the viewer through powerful imagery and music from innovative musicians and stir the depths of the soul. I have produced two feature length documentaries: Mining The Unconscious and A Row of Tombs: Jung & Reincarnation in addition to many short documentaries, PSAs, and web videos. Mining The Unconscious had its World Premiere at the Dharamsala International Film Festival. It was included in Culture Unplugged Spiritual Cinema Film Festival. It was shown as part of the The Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in collaboration with The Choe Khor Sum Ling Centre Spiritual Film Festival in India. In Decenber, Mining The Unconscious was screened at the Santa Fe Film Festival. I am very excited to announce that you can now rent or purchase it as a streaming movie!

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