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Film Production

In addition to feature length documentaries, I produce 1-15 minute  videos. These films may be output for use on the internet or burned to DVDs to be viewed on computers or TV. My videos have been used for business promotion and for fundraising for Non Profit organizations. Please call me if you would like to get information on how video can be used on your website, as promotion or for your organization. I also am available to edit any of your own videos into 1-60 minute DVDs.

I am very excited to announce that my feature length documentary Mining The Unconscious is now availabe as a streaming movie to rent or purchase!

Mining The Unconscious is a journey into the artist's process, a river of transformation, creativity and spiritual revelations. A meditative experience of artists using myth, dreams, archetypes, symbols and alchemy in a deep exploration of the human psyche through music, visual arts and performance.

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