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Marcelina MartinThroughout my career as a photographer, I have worked within photo-essay style or the use of sets of images. I have found that following an idea or inspiration comes alive through the action of shooting over and over. After a number of months, I begin to know what the impulse was to create these images and embrace them as a collection of thoughts/feelings/visions. "HorseSpirit" was photographed in Marin County in 1981. It was a session of Photomythology. I wanted to create an image that expressed the intimate, spiritual bond between women and horses. The series Women and Horses: The Untamed Feminine emerged from the HorseSpirit shoot. Flowers are erotic in nature. How could it be otherwise? The Erotic Life of Plants was photographed in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Piedmont Park and in the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. I felt a sense of renewal and flowering during these explorations. Chevy and Hunter are from the Southern Ethic Series shot in 1974-75. Five of these images were included in one of the first exhibits and book, The Southern Ethic, presented at Nexus Gallery. Nexus went on to become the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center which has contributed greatly to Atlanta's art community. Among my favorite images are the composite photographs. In Descent the two images were combined in the camera and in Vision and Ally the images were combined in the darkroom. Our visual field is always layered into collages of seeing.



Elephant Ear Precher '56 Chevy Dreamwheel Eros
HorseSpirit Hunter Ritual plantears1000 poetwarrior1
Descent Vision Ally Women with Rooster Mumbai
Sadhu Snakecharmer Shiva Trainstation trainsunrise


"Developing Your Personal Style" 

I offer an online course called " Photography: Developing Your Personal Style". This is a Zoom format where the lessons are based on one-on-one instruction. I  approach your work, past and present, with the goal of finding a cohesive pattern to your vision. In considering the strong  and weak areas in your style, your technical knowledge, your philosophy, your goals, your voice and your relationship to the medium, I determine a direction for us to work during four sessions. The cost is $700 for four sessions.  Photographers of any skill level and in any process from traditional or digital to alternative whether it's Silver Gelatin, Cibachromes, snapshots, pinholes, Polaroid transfers, heliotypes, platinum, cyanotypes . Anyone in any photographic process may participate. The goal is to support you moving closer to the photographer/artist you want to be and to express an individual style.

Photo Shoot using 4X5 view camera on Little St. Simons Island, Georgia.
 Photo by Sandy Jones from BlueMoon eMedia


I focus on your vision and how to develop it. We  do many things to explore where you are starting from and where you are going in your art. The first class is based on your application which includes a statement, a short bio, and samples of your work or for beginners photo copies of images that are meaningful to them. We will also talk by phone and/or chat online. I am available to give guidance by e-mail during the time between classes.


If you are interested in taking the class, fill out the online application form. I will e-mail you with further instructions.




"Ritual", Pt. Reyes, CA



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