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Bring life to those old photos. I  repair and restore torn, faded, creased and flat out chewed  up photos to new condition. The restored photos can be printed on archival photographic paper or put on a CD/DVD. Your treasured photos can then be shared with family for generations. Restoration is available by mail or electronic delivery.(Rush service is available)

All work is done on a digital copy while your original photo is always kept safe!

Questions?  Call Marcelina Today!

Restoration of images using a print, electronic file, or negative.

Restoration includes removal of dust, spots, small cracks, slight water damage or faded image. You receive
 a CD or emailed file for you to have printed  by your local photography store or even Walmart. Exhibition or archival prints are available. See more details below.

Who is Marcelina Martin?
Professional photographer Marcelina Martin got her start as a photographer for a small town newspaper while she was still in high school.  She graduated with a BFA in Photography working exclusively with Black & White images. In 1995 she went digital and never looked back. Since then she has designed websites all over the US. She teaches Digital Photography and does what she loves: working with photographic images. She is a master at  photo restoration.  Each photo is personally restored by Marcelina so you can be sure your precious family heirlooms will be handled with care.

Why restore?
Why let those old photographs that capture priceless memories deteriorate any further.  Eventually the negatives will fade away. Save them while you can. I take pride in the quality I am able to deliver. I have successfully restored photographs for customers who thought they had lost the prints forever.  The image can be restored to perfect condition. The digital version will remain preserved forever.  I can correct water damage or discoloration due to aging. I can restore torn, stained, spotted, cracked, bleached and faded images. I can also recreate missing parts of the photo most of the time. From the digital file you can upload to the Internet, print at Walmart or CVS, or email to friends and family.

How does this work?
Step 1. Place the original photo in a baggie, sandwich it between cardboard and place in an envelope or use a photo mailer. Or, if you prefer not to send your photo, take it to Kinko's or OfficeMax and have them scan it at 300 dpi, RGB, no enhancements and e-mail it, or put it on a CD  and mail it. Other types of images can be emailed for corrections like wrinkles, acne, blemishes, bags under eyes.

Step 2.
Tell me what you'd like fixed in detail and about any special requests such as; enlargement, object removal, shadow on face, red eye, wrinkles etc. Email or call for prices.

Step 3.
Send photo by mail or digital upload with payment.

You may also pay with PayPal at

Step 4.
Within 7 days from when I receive your photo I will send by returned mail your prints and a digital version of your restored photograph. Email me or call about multiple items or  badly damaged images.


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Restored Image

  • Moderate Discoloration or Faded
  • Edges Damaged or Water Damage
  • Photo Torn (No Missing Pieces)
  • Photo Cracked (Non Facial Area)

$100.00 per image


  • Severely Discolored or Faded
  • Torn Photo, Missing pieces, Cracks in Facial Area
  • Stuck to Glass, Severe Stains and More
  • Mold, mildew, color shifts

$ 300.00 per image


Please Call For An Estimate

For images over 8.5 x 11 there is an additional scan fee.

Call for information on manipulated images, burning CD/DVD, and transferring slides to digital files.